Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Take 2, here we go again....might be time to get wet too

So the joyful email telling me I have security clearance once again that I have paid for once again for has arrived, I am cleared to start flying once again.
It arrives the day that I am going to start 2 weeks of solid work as the Miami Open tennis has come to town and I will be there as part of my day job, so the flying will have to wait.
But I can't wait to get started in the new Cessna 172's with the all glass G1000 cockpit and try to get this instrument course out of the way. The weather is getting really good here in Florida, so I am praying for plenty of sorties to exotic places with a few lunches on the beaches.
I took my son down to the local children's museum at the weekend and parked right next to the museum is the sea plane area, where they take off down the canal that brings in the huge Caribbean cruise ships. Thomas (my son) and I had the pleasure of watching them pre flight and then drop into the water for the take off which when its taking place in down town miami is an impressive sight. The sea plane in the picture is the one recently bought by my school so I am hoping to do my rating in it when the bank manager allows. Can't wait to give it a try......

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