Thursday, May 20, 2010

a little dream

Yesterday I had a nice surprise as a part of my day job, and also got a good insight into what day job I would really like to do some day.
I was asked as part of my job as a photographer to take pictures for a UK tv show of the subject of the show on his Private jet here in Florida. Its an Embraer Legacy and very fine piece of kit indeed. Its a little surprising he has this for trans-atlantic flight as this Executive jet can only just make that hop, usually having to stop on in Maine for a fuel. But its not for me to question where he spends his millions I can just stand back, admire and dream a little.
The pilots were really good guys and let me have a good look around and a sit in the right seat to see how my future office in the sky could look, and it was definitely better than any corporate corner office overlooking the thames any day.
Just makes me come home and want to study that little bit harder.

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