Monday, May 31, 2010

sniff sniff sniff

So I've been a little sick for the last 10 days or so, ears and nose blocked and coughing like 40 a day smoker. Not idea for any flying, especially for IR flying when you are using your senses and learning to recognize when they are playing tricks on you. So no point in wasting my time or my instructor's, or go through the pain of ears hurting whilst flying so a bit of patience is called for.
So my head has been in the books waiting for the medication to work and I can breath again.
I have started to feel lots better today so have provisionally booked a few lessons for this week.
Its officially the start of Hurricane season here in Florida starting this week so hoping that my flying doesn't become a casualty to the storms.
Other news from this week is that I have found somewhere I can do my CPL (Commercial Pilots License) theory studies and have decided upon CATS based out of Luton in the UK. They do an online course that I can study on my Apple Computer at my own pace. I can also do the obligatory study weeks at there training partners here in Florida so that I don't have to travel back to the UK 3 times over the next 12months.
I am not rushing into the studying though, I want to get my Faa Instrument under my belt during the coming months and also get my night rating which I am hoping to go and do in Naples next week over 2 nights so that it will also be included on my Faa Private license for night flying here instead of it being restricted.
I came across a great article I thought worth reading for anyone thinking of becoming a flying instructor:
Anyway the ground school studies for the IR are going really well, the Cessna learning system is really good and works at a good pace, I might even as far to say that I'm enjoying it.

A pretty big week of flying with some centreline hopscotch.....

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