Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rubbing your belly and patting your head

Another good lesson in the bag today and another 1hr20 in the book.
Chris is gradually putting more and more of the cockpit management on me whilst I am under the foggles, a bit more radio work, whilst maintaining the instrument scan. I seemed to have a bit of a fixation on the VSI and Altimeter today, so Chris started putting in a lot of directional changes whilst keeping the same airspeed so that I was forced to keep the scan moving and the adjustments slight.
Its kind of like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time but trying to keep the plane in the sky.
Overall today we got through the climbing turns and descending turns at constant airspeed and finding an exact bearing, lots of anticipation is needed, whilst always keeping that scan moving.
The training so far has been enjoyable, hard work physically as well as mentally, as the heat here now is becoming a factor. Also you can easily become disorientated and feel a kind of carsick as you are unable to look out of the plane and see the horizon, so your mind and body are saying one thing and the instruments are telling you another so flights over an hour and a half are not really possible, but we are only a few hours into the training so hopefully my brain will get used to it.
As another interesting development my instructor, Chris, has another business where he is the importer of light sport aircraft into the US and I have offered to do some pictures for him and his partner for their website and in return he will let me try the plane out for a day trip to key west. Its a stick plane instead of the yoke and out flies the Cessna with a top speed of around 120kts and a 1000 mile range, I am looking forward to see if I might use it for some hour building. This is a link to his site:
Anyone who fancies coming stateside and doing some hour building for under $99 an hour would be welcome to join me in some touring around the US, could be fun.
Right I have to get my head back in the books and get ready for the next lesson.

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