Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The flu is back so into the theory work

I can't believe this flu is back and this time with a vengeance, the ears are blocked the nose streaming and temperature soaring.
So with as much concentration as I can muster I am tucking into my ground school as hard as I can.
The thing with the Cessna Pilot centre theory course is its very different from the way I had to study for my PPL. Its all interactive on DVD, they show you videos, and explanations on the dvd format then there are questions and answer sections after. You cannot move onto the next part until you have got each stage correct. When you get an answer wrong it takes you back to the part of the lesson you have made an error on and goes through it again with you to revise that section then goes over the questions again. The cleverest part of this is that once each section is done, its beamed over the internet to the main Cessna centre and to your school so that they can keep an eye on your progress and any problems you are having and go through them with you.
The main part of this that I like is that it is a very visual way of learning, and this suits me as my concentration span with my head in the books is not great and there is plenty of theory with the instrument flying course.
I would recommend this way of learning, I think I will do it for my Faa commercial as well.

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