Monday, July 12, 2010

Roger that Wilco

So i am over on the British side of the Atlantic, I went to visit Dunkeswell airflield yesterday and do the first couple of hours of my Radio Telephony practical lessons to get my UK RT License so that I can fly here.
The airfield was lovely, its an old WWII airforce base, the club is really nice and welcoming, and the Sunday Roast is awesome. There were all sorts of planes on the apron as it was busy for a Sunday, there was even a Tiger moth doing touch and goes, she seemed a little skitish touching down, it was only when she came in that I found out that it actually has no breaks, so you have to time the landing to perfection.
There were plenty of Robins aswell. The experience was enhanced by the sight of the parachutists landing just to the side of the runway, the thing I found incredible was that the jump plane, a cessna caravan, managed to drop the parachutists and then be back on the ground before the free fallers were back on terra firma......thats some flying.
I am hoping to fly during the week, so will get some pictures....

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