Saturday, August 7, 2010

A pretty proud day

Last week I managed to carry out an ambition, and it will be a day I won't forget. I was able to rent a plane in Dunkeswell, Devon where my parents live and fly them down to Perranporth in Cornwall for a cuppa and slice of cake and then back up to Dunkeswell flying up the northern coast of Cornwall and then catching site of Dartmoor.
The idea was to treat my mum for her 60th birthday with something a little different, and also to get to show my dad that all the hard of studying has paid off. My dad spent hours and hours of his holidays last year helping me through my navigation theory study and it must have paid off as we didn't get lost once.
The trip was a good one for me as I had also just done my radio telephony practical exam and has never actually flown in the UK before.
So off we went in a PA28, joining up with Exeter radar for traffic service up until we got some fantastic views of the Exe-Estuary and then Dartmoor. We then passed over to Newquay radar where we were asked to orbit for incoming commercial aircraft, which gave us some decent views of the area. When given clearance to continue we headed straight on into Perranporth, where we later found out that we had timed things perfectly as the cloud had been down top 400ft not 20 mins before. After a decent cup of tea and a chat to the friendly locals we were swiftly on our way, down the most amazing take off I have yet experienced, basically at the end of the runway there is a 250ft cliff drop down to the sea.
A swift right turn and we were plotting our way along the Cornwall coast taking in the little coves and sandy beaches up until the mystical Tintadual the birth place of Arthur and Camelot.
We then took a right turn to get on a direct track back to Dunkeswell in East Devon.
The Devon countryside is gorgeous from 1500ft and I was really lucky that it was perhaps the best flying conditions you could ever ask for taking you mum up on her first time in a light aircraft.
After joining long down wind over Honiton we turned onto finals to come into Dunkeswell just as a whole group of freefall parachutists were landing at the airfield at the same time, it was a fitting climax to a great day.
A with a glint in his eye and pat on the back from my dad, with a hearty "well done", I knew that all the studying had been worth it.

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