Sunday, August 29, 2010

The CPL Theory work is in full flow.

After the initial shock when all of the books arrived and the sudden gut wrenching realization of how much work it is going to involve over the coming 9 months or so, I have got myself into a decent routine with the study.
The first exams for me should ideally be in January at Gatwick airport if the obligatory study week here in the US goes well and CATS put me forward for the exam. My first exam topic will be Aircraft General Knowledge, and is the biggest of all of the books I have to study covering topics such as Landing Gear, Hydraulics, Cabin Pressures, Electrics, and basically anything that moves on a plane.
The best thing about the course I have signed up for is that its not all book based, they have a really good web based study course which runs along side the books, so its not a case of wading through the pages. The web based version seems to be more compact and precise and as I travel a lot with my work I am able to study for an hour here and there whilst on the road and hanging around airports whilst waiting for flights.
I am almost and I emphasis almost getting to the point where I am enjoying getting back to studying again, but I am sure I will be happier when the first set of progress tests are out of the way and I know if I am on the right track with it all.
Apart from that I am looking forward to seeing my friend John, (who has also recently started along the same study path as me), who is coming over for a visit in the coming months to get his FAA U.S License validated and also hope to get some flying in over here as a prelude to a potential flying adventure in the new year. I am busily looking at the maps for various places to go and visit during some hour building time in spring next year. A favorite idea of mine is to get as far as the Grand Canyon but we'll have to see....... but for now its back to the books.

A pretty big week of flying with some centreline hopscotch.....

Hours flown this month(FEB): 33 Landings: 8 Countries visited: 5  Continents visited: 3  Quick iron of the shirt and in th...