Monday, September 20, 2010

Aircraft General Knowledge CPL and on to Electrics

So I am putting the hours in, Air Frames and Systems is the name of the game.  I have finally got to the end of the first chapter and have gone through some most of the progress tests today and have scored above 85% in all of those.
So next is the dreaded Electrics, now I know this is going to be very difficult as it wasn't my strong point when I did physics at school. I just can't get my head around amps, Ohms and volts, let alone resisters etc.
The big test is going to be when I have done the next chapter if I can still remember the first one. This is a proper test of the grey matter thats for sure, but I'm enjoying the learning side of things although its tough going.

If I manage to get through these exams I definitely know it will all have been worth it. But I just wish the mode of learning had been invented already whereby they could plug something into my brain and I could upload it........

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