Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy new year all and what a year I have planned

studying on the beach in Puerto Rico
Happy new year all and what a year I have planned, 3 sets of Commercial pilots exams to complete, along with about 80 hours of PIC (Pilot in Command) hour building to do then the small matter Commercial Pilot practical course lasting about 4 weeks. I have yet to decide where to do it though.
That should take me up until about August. Then all being well it will be the Flight Instructors Course, the biggie, the raison d'etre, the 5 week long monster course lurking at the end of the year.
But first and foremost I am studying every spare hour I have before my long flight to London next friday for my first set of exams at the CAA HQ at Gatwick. Aircraft General Knowledge and Instruments.
Since I last updated the blog I have been at the books most days and have then gradually moved onto Practice tests, Tests questions and old papers.
One new friend who was at the school in Ormond beach when I was there, who was studying for his Instructor course strongly advised me to sign up to the Bristol Ground school question bank, who do online mock tests from the actual question banks (apparently) so I have been busying myself with that as well, and to be honest it has really worked well, I will let you know if its actually accurate when I get my results in a few weeks time, but for the moment I am cramming as much studying into my working and family life that I can.
I am really glad that I have decided to do the course in 3 parts rather than 2 as the workload would be impossible with my working life, in the last 10 days I've been working in Orlando, Miami then Puerto Rico.
The trip to Puerto Rice was a really good one and I still managed to study, I wont bore you with the work details of the trip but upon landing into San Juan I found out I needed to get to the other part of the island which meant getting an air taxi with Cape Air.
the return flight in the cessna 402 with a bit more to see
This was a great experience as the pilot let me sit right hand seat with him flying a Cessna 402 twin engine plane for the 45 minute hop to the other side of the island at 5000ft in white out IMC conditions.
Cape Air's Cessna 402's, the dream job
The trip back a little later was a lot more "visual" lets say as once again the pilot let me fly up front in the right hand seat with a couple of passengers in the back. As we approached San Juan we were vectored in behind a Delta Airline 737 which was an awesome sight to be behind this huge beast of an airplane making its turn onto finals and then landing just 2 minutes further down the flight path from us. I will upload a few pictures onto this page if I can from that trip. I think I found the dream job, seeing these guys flying all over the caribbean in great little planes into even greater little airports.
Fingers crossed for the exams next.

This poster at the airport cracked me up, I ask silly questions all the time just
ask my instructors, doesn't put me on a watch list does it ?
Happy new year

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