Friday, March 4, 2011

That Friday feeling.....

I am sitting here at the flight school in Ormond Beach FL, where I am at the end of my week of ground school prior to the 5 exams I will take in March, today is the last day and we are studying Operational procedures in the classroom.
The week to date has been about 50% harder than I had imagined, I have passed the mock exams which I have taken so far apart from Meteorology, which I was expecting as I only started to study for it 2 weeks or so ago, and to be honest its a bigger subject than I had imagined, I think I wrote on a previous post that I have added this onto my other exams mainly to get experience in the exam and if as I predict I don't pass that one I will be well versed in it for my third visit to the exam centre at Gatwick to re-take it in May along side the final 3 subjects.
Being around students of varying experience here this week has been an interesting one, I've been helping out the pre-ppl students at the student house with their theory and going through the PPL Skills test with them, all in all its been a nice week, a little tricky for my own study at the house where they put me this time as the house was full of people and there are not even desks in our rooms so no quiet corner for homework. Thats been solved by heading over the road to one of the other student houses with the commercial and flight instructor students in, which is more like a library each evening as they have a high volume of study to get through.
I will be in the UK for the week 12th March for my exams and then it will be the anxious wait once again for the results.
This will be my last ground school week here in Florida as the next one will be in Luton in May, hopefully the sun will shine there and then it will be the final exam sitting, (If I pass them) hopefully I will then be able to do my Commercial Pilots flying course here at Ormond Beach in July/August time, in the humid moist hot summer months, how I like to punish myself......
Just a note, I love to hear from people reading this from the comments or an email, so please feel free to leave a comment, even just to say hello....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh my, what have I let myself in for ?

Oh my, what have I let myself in for ?
Well its the end of day 2, Tuesday, here in Ormond beach doing my ground school revision/exam prep week.
I have to report thats its pretty tough, to be honest tougher than I imagined. Yesterday (Monday) was ok, I got through Human Performance and Limitations ok, and got a good mock exam result of 90%.
Then today we did day 1 of Meteorology, holy moly did I feel a little out of my depth on this one. Its a massive subject, with so many different facets to it thats is really quite difficult to get a handle on and feel comfortable, and trust me I am far from feeling comfortable with it so far. I am hoping with some serious hard work over the next 2 weeks I can get myself there to where I need to be. To be honest I have only tagged the exam on, having not thought I would study this one this time and take it in May, but for some curious reason I changed my mind. We will have a day of Air Law tomorrow, and then back for day 2 of MET, I am hoping I can improve by then.
This really could be a struggle doing all 5 exams in one day in March.......

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