Friday, March 18, 2011

The wonderful men in their flying machines......

I'm sitting in a nice little restaurant in terminal 3 of Heathrow airport.
I normally only write about my flying stuff on here but today I feel that its worth sparing a thought for the incredibly brave men and women of the RAF whom, it looks like, are about to embark on another dangerous mission.
This time, as ever the professionalism of these talented and selfless pilots will be tested over the deserts and towns of Libya trying to stop a tyrant from killing his own people. Their readiness to get in and get the job done, when so many other countries can sit back and watch, makes me proud that we have the best flying military force in the world.
I have been privileged due to my "day job" to visit the RAF in theatre when they were patrolling Iraq from deep within the Desert, and never have I been so impressed with the way these people go about their daily lives. Where life really is difficult yet they climb into their Tornados, AWAX and their Typhoons and do the kind of flying, in the kind of circumstances that the average Joe on the street will never see yet they fly sortie after sortie.
Today I am sparing a thought for these terrific pilots as we will all see what is about to unfold.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wow I can't believe thats over

I am over in France at the moment, after yesterdays marathon exam session at Gatwick.
The day was long and I am a little worried that I made the mistake that the lecturer from the school warned me against, which was not to concentrate too much on Meteorology and let the other subjects go unattended. I did the Met exam and came out thinking it was possible I have passed and possible I have failed, I just don't know, the paper was certainly kinder than it could have been. Straight after Met it was OPS (Operational procedures), and soon after I opened the paper I had a feeling of dread that I was not in the game on this one, I worked hard through each part as much as I could, but I really don't think I had enough to get me through it. I am 90% sure that I will be retaking that one.
Human Performances was very tricky, in the practice papers you get a lot of straightforward questions, in the actual exam they had a lot of trick questions, deliberately there to trip you up, and a lot of these were questions worth 2-3 or 3 marks per time. I really don't know how I did in that one, I could have got 50% I could have got 85%, I am left dangling on that one. Air Law was surprisingly easy, as it was an awful subject at PPL level, I say that and I might end up eating my words when the results come through, maybe I just didn't realize the trick questions, but all of the students said the same thing.
VFR Communications was just funny, its a silly exam as if you have a pilots license and can't answer the questions in that exam you shouldn't be flying.
I am totally drained after if all, never again will I attempt 5 in a day, it was a touch to far for my brain but glad I gave it a go.
Now its back to the nail biting for 10 days to 2 weeks to wait and see if my 3 out of 5 results prediction comes true.

A pretty big week of flying with some centreline hopscotch.....

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