Sunday, May 1, 2011

Delaying the next exams

I was meant to be doing my final 3 exams in May and also having my class 1 medical all at the CAA at Gatwick, I have decided rather disappointingly to delay it all to the next round of exams in July as I have been so busy at work I just haven't had the chance to study enough for this round of tests.
So I have allowed an extra 8 weeks of study time as I am not in too much of a rush to get it all done, I also still have some hour building to do, so I feel it should all fit in well and let me do it at a calm and normal pace instead of the crazy hours I was putting in ahead of the last round of exams.
So fingers are crossed for a good round of exams in early July then head off for the Commercial Pilots flying course in August.

A pretty big week of flying with some centreline hopscotch.....

Hours flown this month(FEB): 33 Landings: 8 Countries visited: 5  Continents visited: 3  Quick iron of the shirt and in th...