Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The nose is out of the skies and back in the books

It feels like the death of 1000 cuts at the moment. 
3 subjects to finish up and the final exams in 5 weeks. It feels like its taking for ever. I have been pushing hard with the hour building lately, and thats got me down to needing just under 20 hours, which is a good place to be. The concentration has had to shift back to the books for Principles of Flight, which is pretty much the same as degree level Physics, not my strongest subject at school, well I'm not sure I actually had a strongest subject at school.
Anyway I have made it through the syllabus and am now bashing the question banks and the scores are climbing up now and for the first time I am feeling comfortable with the subject.
I want to get this one up as high as I can before getting the maps back out for Navigation and flight planning which are the other 2 subjects.
I am heading to Spain a week today to spend 3 weeks with my parents where I will hopefully have these subjects squared away to where I want them, then it will be time to head to London Gatwick for hopefully the final time. The other part of this trip to Gatwick will be for my class 1 medical, which all commercial pilots have to have before they can even start the practical part of the flight course.
If all goes to plan, I will pass these exams, get the medical then sometime in August head to northern Florida for my flight courses to do my Instrument rating, Commercial rating, then eventually my flight instructor rating......Jeez.... have I really got all that still left to go ?
It will have been a year of study so far when I get to this final set of theory exams in mid July, I have no idea how many hours I have had my head in the books so far but it I feel like the end is in sight, so I had better stop writing this and get back to work.
I have posted a picture which I have played with a little on photoshop from the Miami Beach landscapes series I did.
Hope you like it.

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