Monday, August 29, 2011

Its time focus.....the courses are booked.

So its done... the deposits are paid.
The flight to the US is booked.
D'day is the 3rd October when I will be flying out the Florida. Firstly I will be near Miami with my friend/mentor/instructor and all round good buddy Blake for my Faa Instrument training at Fort Lauderdale.
I will then be heading up to Vero Beach to European Flight Training HQ for the start of my Commercial Pilots course which takes on average 3-4 weeks of pretty intense flight training all around that area with 2-3 flights per day. A friend asked the other day if any of this will be in a simulator which it wont, its all out there flying the actual plane.
Providing I pass the flight test at the end of this I will be straight into 5 long weeks of flight instructor training at the same place. This one's going to be tough, combining class room teaching, with cockpit teaching, preparing lessons and not letting the students crash the plane too many times.
It all suddenly feels very real and there is only one small stumbling block. I have had to secure my places on the courses with still one theory exam to go.
Unfortunately during the last sitting of the final 3 exams in the CPL Theory tests I managed to fail one. Navigation. This means one more trip to the CAA in Gatwick in 2 weeks for a re-take of the exam.
A really good friend and great "ground instructor" Darrell just came over to visit me in France for a week and between my day job work has been whipping me into shape for the exam.
So for the time being its focus focus focus on the exam then off to the US for the fun stuff to put the theory all into practice.....
Whilst doing my day job I also came across a rather novel way to avoid the traffic queues on the beaches of St Tropez...... no sure I would like to do the flying though....

Let the Games begin.

A pretty big week of flying with some centreline hopscotch.....

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