Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One week to go until the test and my student is now making life a bit moredifficult

I have just realized its a week until the final test. We are getting to the end of the syllabus and my "pupil" is making more mistakes now for me to help to teach him. I am really enjoying the challenge of seeing the mistakes and then correcting them as they become more and more subtle.
The view from the back seat
I have also realized its xmas coming up and boy do I need a holiday this really has been a full on year getting all of this done. Doing the commercial license just seems like a distant memory but it was only a month ago. This course isn't so stressful but it requires far more work, along with the presentations and we also have to prepare a "technical brief" which is a 45 minute presentation for the examiner.
The test itself is a full day thing consisting of a tech brief, a pre-flight brief and a 2 hour flight lesson to teach various parts of the syllabus then a Q&A session.

Runway 28L at the end of a long day.......
Just one more week to go at this pace and then it will be time for some rest and family time.
For the moment its plenty of work and I am getting to "back seat" with my colleague on the course which helps to get an idea of the lessons from a different perspective and also gives me the chance to take a few pictures too.......

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