Thursday, August 23, 2012


This weekend we are taking some time to remember our flying friend Sue Virr.

Thanks to Sue I am a pilot, and so are many many other across France in the UK. She had her flying school Nearly Heaven at Limoges airport for 6 years teaching English speaking students from all over the world, including me.

Her flair for flying and infectious ability to get the best out of a student is something that has always stayed with me. Since she passed away nearly a year ago after a sudden illness I have had the pleasure of meeting more and more of her former students and flying with them, so many lovely stories have come through meeting these guys.
This weekend we are having a bbq for the friends, former students and pilots in the area, in the same Sue style, we'll have a relaxed afternoon at the flying club on Saturday afternoon, Sue's own instructor Phil Matthews is coming over from the UK to visit with us and it will be good to see everyone.
We would love to invite anyone who would like to come to visit this Saturday afternoon and enjoy a glass of something with us and get to know some of the other members of the flying community in the area here, all of which has come about thanks to Sue Virr and her determination to be able to fly here.

To Sue we thank you for bringing us all together and we will continue to try to keep the flying family growing here.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The weeks are winging by.....

I just realised its the 1st July.
William Barriga on the way to Biarritz
According to my log book I am at the cusp of my first 100 hours of teaching time. Where did that go ?
Looking back over the passed 7 weeks, I have had my first student go solo, 2 re-validation passes for students who's licenses lapsed long ago and our first PPL pass. Quite a 7 weeks.
It doesn't stop there, I had William travel all the way from Japan to fly with me last week to do 15 hours of cross country flying, we went everywhere, it was amazing. Biarritz ,  La Rochelle, Bergerac and many more stop offs.
I have been lucky enough to have some lovely flying with regular students who live in the area as well and am grateful to them for some lovely trips, one in particular with Gwen up to Sables D'oleronne with an amazing approach over the sea in to the airport followed by a gorgeous lunch on the port.
This week should be nothing different either as the week ahead should bring another first solo and 2 new students starting their flying with us and as it really feels as though summer is here I am sure there will be no shortage of trips out.

Quick stop of for Pilot and Plane refuel at Bergerac

The Atlantic Coast

Miles of beaches in south West France

The Bordeaux vinyards

Grapes as far as the eye can see

Holding for 737 at Biarritz

Quick stop off for lunch and some rays

William got to see so much of France in just 3 days

David Roseblade practicing his navigation skills

Aerial photos in the Limousin

Ile De Re'

Ile De Re'

St Pierre D'Oleron

Ile De Re'

La Rochelle

Les Sables D'Olonne

La Rochelle

New Captain Tim Macbeth with examiner Mike Grierson

F-QH our favourite Robin Dr400

Il De Re'
On another note we will be holding the Sue Virr fly in at the aeroclub du Limousin on the 25th August with all friends, family, former students and basically anyone who was lucky enough to know Sue being invited. We will be having a BBQ at the club and hoping to enjoy some flying as well as raise a glass or 2 to our favourite Aviatrix without whom non of this would have been possible. I will be mailing a poster with details of the fly in shortly.......

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gwen flying us to Aurillac
Recently I have been lucky enough to enjoy some of the amazing French countryside with some of my students.
The views are amazing
Gwen is a good friend and also a very good pilot, she already has her license but like a lot of pilots wants to keep on improving, training and learning after getting the PPL.
She recently took me on a terrific cross country flight down to Aurillac, south of Limoges through some amazing scenery. I managed to take some pictures along the route and thought it would be good to share what we get to see as pilots here......

Monday, March 26, 2012

Its all gone Cosmic.....

The classroom at The Limousin club
Earlier this month saw the launch of Cosmo flight school in France.
Cosmo Flight school is continuing the legacy which was trail blazed by my instructor and mentor Sue Virr.
Flying over where I am living in France
I trained with Sue and due to her I learned about and fell in love with flying. Her infectious teaching ability rubbed off upon me by the bucket load to the point where I have been away and trained, qualified and now will be working as a full time flying instructor.
You can keep up to date with our day to day flying adventures on our facebook page:
or the website is
Final Approach runway 03 LFBL
I have been so roundly welcomed by the local flying club they have brought in a plane specifically for us and spring has certainly sprung here in France so the skies are clear and the flying is great.
I have had a few students in the air already last week and I am fully booked this with PPL students. There are trips planned out to the coast to La Rochelle and down to Bordeaux over the coming weeks.
I was invited up to the tower at Limoges this week to meet the controllers
Fingers crossed we will have our first new PPL pilots in a few weeks time.
Personally I am loving the flying, the teaching is great fun and it seems the students are enjoying it. The little plane we have is great to fly and the airport are so friendly its a welcoming place to work. I am praying for a good weather summer and plenty of time up in the big blue......
I have 2 new students starting tomorrow with differing amounts of experience so will be sure to report in.

A pretty big week of flying with some centreline hopscotch.....

Hours flown this month(FEB): 33 Landings: 8 Countries visited: 5  Continents visited: 3  Quick iron of the shirt and in th...