Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rain rain..... theory time.....

The lovely weather on Friday allowed us to have our first navigation flight to Poitiers and Angouleme which was nice for student pilot Glenn as he got to get out of the circuit and see how all of the training stitches together and get an idea of the final goal of the hard work over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately with the Sunday rain and low cloud there is nothing else to get on with but some more theory teaching.
My current student is extremely good at his theory training so far and has averaged over 90% in the first 5 exams with Flight Planning & Performance our current task with Navigation to come next.
With the forecast for the next week looking a little sombre I think we will be enjoying quite a bit of classroom time.
I do enjoy the classroom teaching and the briefings, I never grow tired of having those lightbulb luminating, penny dropping moments.
There are too many students coming to fly and get their PPL who don't take the theory side of it seriously enough, its really not about passing the exams but gaining the knowledge that keeps you safe and legal in the air.
The CAA/EASA are going to soon be increasing the number of Exams from 7 up to 9 so a bit more work to be done and I am sure that the rest of the countries in Europe will follow suit.
So for the time being its time to get back to work with the Chalk & Talk......

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