Saturday, November 16, 2013

The bags are packed and I'm ready to go

Well here we are again.
The house is packed up and I'm off to take the train to Paris to crash on my friend Pierre's couch before my transatlantic flight in the morning firstly to Chicago then onward to Las Vegas.
To say I'm excited is an understatement, also a feeling of intrepidation, having sat in the right seat teaching for the passed 800 hours its time to get back into the left seat and get my study head on.
The scenery will be amazing in the Arizona desert and totally different from Florida or France, hopefully I will get the chance to see some of it when doing the instrument training which is mainly done with goggles on to restrict the ability to look outside the plane.
I am hoping to get the chance to keep a training record on here as my blog to see how I am getting along and be able to look back after and see how much fun the whole trip has been....
For now I am going to meet my buddy John who is already there so I hope he has found a good place for a beer at the end of the day......
Smoke me a Kipper.................

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Storms, clouds and gin clear skies.....

Flying from the right seat in the Cessna 414....awesome
The summer disappeared very quickly, the colours of the trees have changed and we are in the final throws of the year.
Since August I have been hard at the studies once again and this time to get the Instrument rating theory exams as well as the American Commercial pilot license.
This last week I traveled up to flight safety in Paris and sat the 2 exams one after the other and managed 85% on each one.
I took the opportunity to visit the Aviation museum in Le Bourget and that was brilliant.
In short that means I can head off to Arizona next weekend and do the flying part of the course.
I will be doing my Instrument rating, Commercial license and my multi engine rating there.
I still can't quite believe the ground studies are done as I get home each evening and my brain wants to study.......
I have had some great students here over the passed few months, and in that time I have managed to pass my 1000 hours of total flight time, a special thanks to David for getting me over that line.
I will try to write each day during my training adventure in the USA......
My other huge treat recently was the chance to get to fly a Cessna 414 twin with the owner down to Lyon, it gave me a huge taster for whats to come......

The Concorde Cockpit

Passing 1000 hours.... thankyou Mr Spokes

The Cessna 414

Studying once again

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