Friday, January 2, 2015

Bristol-Amsterdam-Brussels with Casablanca waiting

The Sheraton Airport hotel here in Brussels is pretty darn luxurious.....
I am sitting here waiting to meet my colleague with whom I will be traveling down to the CAR (Central African Republic) with. Sitting in the hotel cafe, bags packed, hotel bathroom smellies duly acquired and in the luggage I'm sitting reading the blog of the pilot who is down there in the CAR and whom I am replacing. is his blog and some of his pictures and his video are amazing. I will post a few on here below.

Yesterday I said goodbye to my friends and family in Devon, I took the flight to Amsterdam from Bristol and then a short hop over to Brussels on another flight. A pretty sleepless over night stay last night, sleepless I think down to the Malaria medication I have started taking for the trip,  and this afternoon I will fly with Royal Air Maroc down to Casablanca. I have a couple of good books, and an audio book on my iPad so all I really need to do is sit down and let someone else do the flying for the next 24 hours as I will have a 5 hour wait in Morocco and then its an over night flight to Bangui.......

It will then be time for the discovery of a whole new country that I didn't even know existed until 3 months ago........

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Africa is calling.............

I have realized with some disappointment that I have not been able to keep up to date with my blog during 2014 and my new years resolution for 2015 is to regularly post here.
The year of 2014 has been somewhat amazing having passed over 1500 hours of flight and have had a record 14 students pass their PPL's with me in Limoges.
A new adventure though is now on the horizon after I received an email from Aviation Without Borders (Aviation Sans Frontieres) asking me if I can go to The Central African Republic (CAR) to fly one of their aircraft for them as a volunteer in the New Year.
Since the email and subsequent phone calls/skype I have been up for an interview and flight test in Brussels which went well, I've been for the injections,  and this morning I have packed my suitcases for the first leg of my journey to the CAR tomorrow (New Years Day).

For the flying people who might read this I will be flying a Cessna C206 and will be flying everything from Aid to people, and other NGO staff based from the capital city of Bangui.

I have been asked by lots of people many different questions when I have mentioned I am off on this trip with some comments of "you must be mad" or "what do you want to go there for", in all honesty I have been quite surprised by some people's reactions but on the other hand I have had huge amounts of support from the people who really matter to me.
For a few facts, I am not off to fly in the Ebola zone over there in Africa which is over on the west coast and I am doing this trip as an unpaid volunteer. 
My reason for doing it is pretty simple really, I have a skill that can help people who need help and whilst enjoying my Christmas dinner with my lovely family it dawned on me about the people who are not so fortunate as we are, so giving up a few weeks of my time help isn't exactly a big deal.

It is my aim during the next 5 weeks to take lots of pictures along the voyage and update my blog when I have working internet, and my hope is that this will serve as a nice diary to remember this period as ever on my blog I would love to hear from anyone who might be reading. 

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