Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I am lucky to have some really great students

I have been here over 3 years now and according to my log book I have over 1600 hours of flying time and over 1200 of those hours have been teaching English speaking students here in Limoges.
I get to reflect sometime on some of the different characters I have had come through the doors and also the new friends I have made. Some of them really good friends who will be friends for life. Aviation can be great like that.
People whom you would normally never meet in usual social groups getting together no matter what age or origin just because we love flying.
I am lucky enough now to have great friends in Belgium, Holland, Dubai, Scotland, Hong Kong, France, Switzerland as well as local friends here, all thanks to this little flying club in Limoges.
How much fun it would be to be able to get all of them together...... as most never get to meet each other.
I have a terrific chap here at the moment, Jason who lives in Italy with his lovely wife Ashely. Both originate in the US but have taken to European life.
Jason has been here for 4 weeks and has progressed really well with his flying and has endured some of the British humour of me and Roger and has also embraced club life like so many before him.
Ashley is very creative and made a lovely video this week after coming along for a flight with jason and also putting Go-Pro cameras in the cockpit as well which I will post below...... its really made me smile and it makes me feel privileged to get to pass a nice period of time with people who are so motivated and great to get along with.

Jason should be taking his test in the near future , he has solo cross country in the next day or so and he is ready to take his PPL.
Roger has been teaching him and has done a terrific job and they've worked well together as a team.
I will update when he gets his wings.....

A pretty big week of flying with some centreline hopscotch.....

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