Sunday, July 16, 2017

Its paper that gets planes in the air, not Jet A fuel

Happy Birthday Naomi Morton 

A massive happy birthday to my rock........ Miss u x
(this will be posted a day late due to power cuts taking out the internet)

The cockpit of the Global Express XRS

Two days in a new place and it's pretty scorchio hot.

It's a bit of a sad day really as it's Naomi's birthday and I'm a few thousand miles away and not able to share it with her. 

Today is a rest day here and to be honest it's what I have been doing. 
Getting things organised in the apartment, I even got to watch by beloved Aston Villa in a pre season friendly online, and the sight of John Terry wearing a Villa shirt is a slightly strange one for me.

Outside is really hot so I decided to be sensible and just go out early for a bit and then this evening have gone for an evening walk.
The airport apron here in Beirut

We are doing some flight planning at the moment for a few possible trips but nothing is booked in so far.
The amount of paperwork involved in the planning of flights is really quite surprising, particularly visa's and over flight permits for some of the places being planned.
Yesterday was the start of my induction line training here, meeting the people in the office and then going to the aircraft meeting all of the handling agents.

The favourite car I've seen here so far the local fruit and veg man

Every month we have to do an update on the plane's navigation systems much like doing an update on a car gps with all relevant information for every airport in the world with any changes in the procedures, routing or anything that can have an affect our flying.
I also got some additional safety training on the doors and emergency equipment that we carry onboard.

The view from the crew lodgings here

The view from the crew lodgings here

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