Thursday, July 20, 2017

Maintaining, running and checking for birds nests

Today has once again been pretty warm and barmy at 33 degrees but there has been a breeze which made it quite nice to be outside at the airport doing some of the weekly maintenance which has to be kept up on an aircraft like this. We run the engines every two weeks at least if it hasn't flown, and we have a list of little jobs that we get through, including checking for wildlife as it seem the birds in this part of the world have expensive tasted for where they want to put their nests.
This involves getting the chaps out with the large luggage conveyor belt that you often see the chaps unloading luggage on commercial jets, me, a torch and a broom. All very high tech I can assure you.
Other jobs that have to be done are checking the fluid levels all over the aircraft, run some of the electrical systems, and also some check on oxygen levels, dates on first aid kits etc etc. 
One of the other top of the list glamour jobs today was getting one of the toilet seats changed.....One the the things about private jets is the costs involved can be quite a lot. For instance a couple of weeks ago a cockpit heated window needed replacing and it cost over $85,ooo. But today I learnt of a new eye popping cost and it involves a toilet seat and surrounding unit. The bill for one of those is a cool $41,500.
I shot a couple of videos whilst I was down there today to try to give a little bit of perspective on the size of the Global Express XRS. 

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