Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Going Global......And so it begins...... 

The training is booked in, the security clearance sorted so it looks like I'm off to the desert in June. Oh hang on that's going to be a pretty warm time to be in Dubai. 

I have to go to Farnborough first for an intensive week of training on general procedures in business jets such as Fire on board, first aid on board, water procedures and survival. 

After a week in the UK it's time to check out the new base in Beirut and meet the new people whom I will be working with and also get to meet the new plane. 

It feels pretty strange to think what the next phase of flying will bring. Going through many years of teaching, with some jet time mixed in to full time business jet flying on a plane with an endurance of 11-12 hours and can fly from London to Los Angeles without refuelling is a whole new bowl of fruit buns. 

The month long type rating to get me there is going to be a tough month of graft sweat and new grey hair, but an exciting month of discovery at the same time. 

I'm also chuffed to bits that today I've managed to get myself through another annual medical after a long drive to London ......

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