Friday, June 9, 2017

Oh my word its Hot, Simulating and Snowing

Well I've flown the plane for the first time, all be it in the simulator, mind you saying that the instructor didn't go that lightly on us with an engine failure, engine fire on two separate occasions during an hours flight.
But we were able to land where we wanted to, Montreal Canada.

I'm a bit disappointed as we are not allowed to take photos of our training going on in the simulator etc at the College for some reason so I'm not able to post photos of what I am doing. Those who know me will know how much thats killing me.
James, the other chap on my course is more experienced than me in flying larger jets as he has been on a South African Airline for the passed few years flying CRJ's so a lot of this is intuitive to him but he's providing me with a lot of support and is a really nice guy too. We are going to be spending a lot of time together doing the sim work and he's a good guy to be spending it with.
Right now as I sit here I am on a day off as Friday here is like a Sunday back home and no-one works, so I'm heavily in the books prepping for the ground school exam towards the end of next week.
Aside from the books and the simulator I took a few hours out at the end of the day the other day and went to the Emirates Mall. Wow.
Ok so picture it.
In the desert in Dubai, its pushing 46 degrees C in the daytime, you go into the mall and there is lovely air conditioning and then right in front of you is a Ski slope !!!
With Actual snow. Much like the snow dome in Birmingham or up in Glasgow. From boiling hot to snow in 50 paces. Its so surreal that its hard to get your head around.
I have rather a ropey picture but you can see what I mean.
The Indoor snow dome in Dubai
Thoughts the for the day:
  • I miss my wife
  • I can't believe that there will end up being another election
  • I can't believe that I predicted there would be a hung parliament
  • It's a week since I left home, in some respects I feel like I've been here for months
  • I miss my wife

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Nice to meet a great instructor

One of the electrical systems

What a great day.
Its really refreshing and positive to meet and be taught by an instructor who is obviously very very good at his job. Today I met and was taught by Mohammed from South Africa who was an engineer in his former work on aircraft all over the world including Japan, Africa, and many others.
His style of teaching today has been terrific and its made the very difficult subject matter very clear and helpful to learn.

Today's topics were Navigation equipment, and my big demon of Electrics. Lots of DC electrics and AC, Batteries generators , and then the back up systems for those.
If I am honest I was dreading the lectures on Electrics as its a subject that I have never really understood very well ever since school and trying to understand, volts, watts, Kva, solenoid and resisters but today went really well thanks to a good teacher and that really does make all of the difference.
We have been introduced to the initial simulator which we will start using later on in the week to start learning the procedures of this aircraft and start doing the drills for it. One thing is for sure, the more I find out about this aircraft the more I want to get into the driving seat.
For the time being its revision back in the hotel and writing up the notes form today and then revise tomorrows subject matter.
Its a really early start tomorrow so I'm going to try to get an early night.

I visited the local Mall and saw this indoor umbrella display

Monday, June 5, 2017

Trying to study but I think the mind tank is full.

Its been a bit of a day here today, kind of a day of death by powerpoint as it really was very dry study material about engines, engine systems and the computers that power them......
It was a bit of a refresher really as most of this material was covered during Commercial Pilot license exams both in the UK and in the USA for my FAA Commercial exams.Its quite good being taught this subject matter by an engineer, and an engineer who was in the RAF and working on the exact type of aircraft that I'll be flying.
He's flown in them and repaired in all sorts of conditions including war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan  so we are certainly learning from the horses mouth.
But still today involved lots of very technical information about electrical generators and the unbelievable amounts of redundancy in this plane and how incredibly safe it is.
I'm sitting here at my desk at 11pm and doing a little revision on the day and rewriting my notes on the above topics.
When I arrived back to my hotel room today I literally fell straight asleep as I was catching up on some tv.....
 I am finding that rewriting my notes taken each day and keeping them up to date with additional notes is a great way of keeping them fresh in my mind.
I have to admit though by the end of the sessions today my mind tank was pretty much full and over spilling.
Tomorrow we have a new instructor coming in for the day as we end up being taught by all of the instructors on the Global Express training team so it will be a bit of a change.
I had better get back to my studying.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day one

Day one at type rating school........
an early start with the shocking news on the tv of the terrorist attacks in London, utterly shocking and a total waste of life in the centre of the capital. I'm not really sure what to think of it all but I will write below about my day at flight school but it may feel a little muted.

An early breakfast for me in the dark with it being Ramadan and then off to the training college which fortunately for me is a short walk. Even at 7:30am its 34 degrees here....... bonkers warm.

The first day was just like any first day at school with signing lots of paperwork and verifying of licenses etc and I was lead off to my classroom to meet my colleague James on who is also on the course and our instructor Paul.
The classroom is space aged, with massive touch screen displays and Paul keeps the lessons going well and so far I feel I can keep up with the information flow and not too out of my depth.

The day started with an introduction to our course which lyes ahead and then it was straight into it with Fuel Systems, pressurization onboard computers, warning and caution systems.

The day whizzed passed to be honest but always with an aching thought of those poor people in central london. I got back to the hotel where I am staying and thought a bit of exercise might help so shorts on and off for a swim I went to try and clear my head a bit.

I can't quite get my head around it, with suicide bombers at a children's concert and now people just out and about in London. I feel for the brave emergency services, I really do.
Unarmed police officers running at armed men with suicide vests on, its just not enough to feel proud of people who will do that but I don't know what does it justice ?. I feel sure that the bravery of those officers and members of the public have stopped this from becoming a far larger incident.
It just makes me feel sad.

A pretty big week of flying with some centreline hopscotch.....

Hours flown this month(FEB): 33 Landings: 8 Countries visited: 5  Continents visited: 3  Quick iron of the shirt and in th...