Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fully motional ......

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Where do I start with today......
well a catch up of the passed couple of days, I decided not to blog as we were given 4 days off from training here after passing the ground school exam but James and I still went in each day to practice on the fixed simulator to go through procedures, start up, calls, and working through the checklists.
For me this was really beneficial as it kind of gave me the standard to work to as James has over 2000 hours of airline flying with these practices as a standard working methodology with two pilots.
So we drilled the work load from each of us then swapped roles and did it over and over in the hope that it would get us where we want to be.
Had a shot at sunbathing in 46 degrees heat and lasted for an hour in the shade
Yesterday we both took a well deserved full day off to let the brain relax before this mornings session.
Today is quite a big day here as its the beginning of the second half of the course and its just flying flying flying. I am writing this at 10pm here, I got back to the hotel at 8pm and am now revising for tomorrow.
But back to today.
We met our new instructor today, which I'm not going to say too much about as I'm hoping working with him will improve but we had an hour and a half briefing on what our flight was going to be about today. I was to be Captain for the first flight of 2 hours, flying out of New York and then doing some training air work at high altitudes. The list of our manual air-work was:

  • Taxi failures, including brakes and nose wheel steering
  • Standard take off (which still make me smile in this plane when I push the throttles to max)
  • A hand flown full departure in IMC on a SID (Standard Instrument Departure) 
  • Then it was time for steep turns at 45 degrees manually flown which I wasn't great at but got there
  • Stalls in all 3 different configurations
  • Unusual attitude recovery from both high and low nose attitudes
  • A max rate descent
  • Emergency Decent in Oxygen Masks
  • Dutch Role recovery at 45,000ft
  • A hold 
  • Then a hand flown arrival to ILS back in Tettoboro Airport
My new office 

I went first and went through each exercise which took 2 hours, we had time for a 5 minute glass of water with no lunch and then straight back in and up with James in the left seat and me as co-pilot. 
I kind of wish James had gone first to be honest as his hand flying skills for the difficult tasks was great to watch and I learnt a bit from that.
I am quietly pleased how it went but it could definitely be better. The instructor said that I was just about at test standard which I am happy with as its the first time I have ever done stalls or steep turns in very fast jet.
Going back to my instructor days if a student was ever at test standard in a single engine piston plane after doing the air exercises once I would have been amazed. 


We then had an hour long debrief at the end of the day and I think both James and I were at bit knackered at the end after no food when we started at 11am and did all that work and then finished in the college after 7pm.
I miss this lady

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